Printing on Stardream Paper

metallic paper printing on Stardream paper shimmery cardstock Stardream paper

The Stardream line of paper is my go-to line for printing metallic card stock invitations. The beauty of this paper is its pearlescent, shimmery coating which comes in a range of metallic colors and two card stock weights: 105# and 80#. 

At Pretty Please, I usually select the 105# paper because it feels substantive and it runs on my Xerox 252 production laser machine. Although this printer handles Stardream paper pretty well, I still get annoying jams, so ordering more paper than I need for each project is a must.

Many of my customers ask if Stardream card stock will run on their printers. My advice is to order a sample to make sure your printer can handle the weight of the card. If you're unable to print on your own printer, consider using a local print shop or contact us at Pretty Please to print for you. You'll love the results achieved from using Stardream paper. The sheen is beautiful, the cardstock has a great weight, and it will give your designs a rich, elegant finish.

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